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What Ambien is used for?
The genetic name for this medication is Zolpidem. Ambien is the mediation that is used in order to treat insomnia. Insomnia is a sleep disorder. If you have difficulties with falling asleep, staying asleep, or if you cannot feel yourself refreshed after sleeping, you should go to your doctor and check on whether you should be prescribed with special medications. Ambien is the medication that should not be used for a long time, but only for short-term treatment of sleep problems. This medication should only be prescribed by your doctor. Usually, the recommended starting dose of Ambien to take before going to sleep is 10 mg. In some cases, the medication can be prescribed in lesser dose, like 5 mg. The smaller dose can be prescribed in cases if a person is elder or have some health problems.
Ambien s ide effects and precautions
Ambien is the medication that can cause addiction. For this reason, this medication should be only taken as it is prescribed by your health provider. You should not take Ambien in greater dosage as well as you should not use Ambien for a longer time than it was prescribed by a doctor.
If you use Ambien, you may experience some side effects. The most commonly met side effects are the following:

  • drowsiness
  • diarrhea
  • weakness
  • dizziness
  • drugged feeling
  • dry mouth
  • nose or throat irritation
  • stomach upset
  • headache
  • nausea
  • sluggishness

You should not take this medication if you in the past have had an addiction to this medication or if you have abused this mediation. There are in total 662 medications that can interact with Ambien. It is very important to tell your doctor if you are using some other medication.
If you use this medication in order to treat insomnia, you should take this medication only if you have at least 7-8 hours to dedicate for sleep. If you use this medication, you should be very careful with actions that require attention and concentration. You should be careful with driving car and doing other active actions.
How and where purchase Ambien
If you want to purchase this medication, you can buy Ambien online. This is a very convenient way to purchase this medication. In fact, if you are looking for a cheap way to purchase this medication, you should buy Ambien online. If you get this medication through the Internet, you can pay for this medication with many different payment options, for instance, with Visa, MasterCard and others.


User Reviews

I had trouble functioning during the day because I couldn't fall asleep until 1 or 2 am, then had to get up at 6 am.

My doctor prescribed 10 mg Ambien (not CR) but because I'm small I decided to cut one in half the first night. I was able to sleep soundly almost immediately after my head hit the pillow and I slept all night. That was about three years ago and I am still taking my half pill per night and sleeping well. I have occasional times (maybe once every two months) that I don't sleep well with them, but I don't blame the pill for that. Follow the directions, if you don't it isn't the fault of the drug, it's your own fault.

I've taken Ambien as needed for several months. It works great, puts me to sleep quickly and keeps me asleep for 6 hours.

You do need to take it when you are going to bed. If you take it an hour before bed, you'll feel like someone slipped rufees in your 5th margarita at the bar. It is not physically addictive. Once I stopped taking it, I could still fall asleep. It IS emotionally addictive (because it works like magic), so you have to watch yourself. I once took this 4 hours after having a 3 beers and the next day I felt very disoriented, had a terrible headache, and couldn't put words together to make a sentence. I thought I was going to have a stroke. It taught me to follow the directions on the label.

Read this medication instructions before you take the meds. You are take ambien before you go to sleep (no stay up or do anything else)

Ive been taking this medicine for about 5 months and it works great as long as you take it properly and follow directiopns. I have obtained the best sleep and wake up feeling great. I stopped taking the meds about 2 weeks ago to see if my sleeping patterns had changed and did not have any withdrawl sysptoms at all.

Ambien showed me what sleep was... I have never slept much, childhood, college to adulthood, 4-6 hours a night.

I wake up about 10:00pm, no matter how tired I have been all day. I would get up in the night to go to the restroom and stay up and read or clean the kitchen or do a craft for at least and hour before being able to go back to sleep. I have asthma, lupus and other various aliments, which means a lot of medications. I have always resisted taking a sleeping pill because I knew I would be hooked if I tried one. Well, I was partially right. I could not believe how rested I felt after a whole night of uninterrupted sleep. Before, I slept through the night maybe 2-3 times a year, and my first thought in the morning would be that I was either dead or had wet the bed. :> I don't have to take Ambien every night and sometimes I just take 5 mgs, sometimes 10 mgs. After a few nights, my body seems to get the rhythm of rest, and it is blessed. My overall health is improved because I am rested for the first time in my life.

I love Ambien! I cannot sleep due to work pressures and often stay up all night worrying about everything.

With Ambien, i fall right asleep, stay asleep, but incredibly wake up early in the morning not sluggish at all and actually feeling wonderful! It has completely changed my attitude, helped with my depression---I think I was just not getting enough sleep...ever!

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If you tired of insomnia and don't know what to do, you should try consult with your doctor concerning Ambien medication. Ambien is a new drug on pharmaceutical market, which used for sleep disorders. Even in small doses this medication has a high effectiveness.